My God
Good, Majestic, Faithful, and True
I see You and Your beauty,
And the weight of all Your Glory
Shatters my prideful, sinful heart.
I should not be anywhere near Your Presence
With all this wickedness I carry,
Yet You have chosen to dwell within me.
My God, how could this be?
So let thankfulness flow from my blood and my bones
And if I am torn to pieces,
Then on every piece let there be written, JESUS
Jesus, Savior, Master, Shepherd
My love, my life
How long until I am with You,
Alive in heaven’s skies?
But I am here on this earth
A pilgrim passing through a place not my home
These things I see, hear, touch, taste
Will one day fall away
So set my eyes on things eternal and unseen
So that Christ is everything.