Sight to the blind

Hearing to the deaf

Hearts brought to life

That were once dead.

Christ exalted

More of You, less of me

To see Your love displayed

And captive souls set free.

Your presence manifested

The place shaken

Your Wind carrying fire

The church awakened.

Your people reminded

What they were made for

To know their Maker

And proclaim the name of the Lord.

Words and music

Anointed with Your power

Angels joining, darkness fought

In this very hour.

Weary, broken souls

Rest in Your loveliness

Wayward children

Taste Your goodness.

Hearts of stone

Shattered at last

No more in bondage

To the chains of their past.

Eyes now opened

To spiritual things

Freedom from

Addictions, disease.

Praises that rise

Like a fragrance to You

Idols crashing down

In Christ, lives made new.

A picture of heaven

To be seen today

Tongues, tribes and nations

Giving Jesus all praise.